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Protected by  encrypted software
A DRM system is used to protect our Products

DRM stands for Digital Rights Management, it is an access control technology that is used to restrict unlawful usage of proprietary hardware and copyright laws to keep intellectual rights.



Businesses have more opportunities to publish their work online, in the form of eBooks therefore information reaches a wider audience. People with personal computers and handheld devices have also been given easier access to eBooks and information, however, the internet is hard to regulate, and unauthorized access to copyright material is easier. This means less control over your work once it’s online unless steps are taken to protect how and when eBooks are downloaded and by whom. You can use DRM much like a security system that is encrypted and is used by military forces all over the world. With this, you have a protective barrier for your information files and e-books. It works in the same way as digital music and films are protected against file-sharing tools used by their own styled DRM software.

Let's just say, that it has proven that DRM stops users from copying, printing, and sharing eBooks –which protects our revenues coming in from each sale. In the capitalist context, to protect sales and revenues, you need DRM to restrict how, when, and by whom the books are used, to make sure people keep buying your information.

DRM helps you work and control things in several other ways, including:

Controlling eBooks distribution – Downloading and uploading works, accessing eBooks, lending eBooks out.

Once it has been bought the eBook, it is then tied to the buyer, with no sharing options.

We can also control how many devices you can download the e-book/ Info onto 

DRM restricts, totally, the copy-paste feature, so you have no opportunity to lift the text.


It ensures your files are secure and manageable wherever they are stored (endpoints, servers, or cloud) and wherever they go to be used.

You have full control over all files even after they’ve been sent out, e.g. triggering the expiry of a file shared a month ago, pausing access to files

Fully integrated with International travel security leading data compliance and protection capabilities, e.g. data retention management, version management, data deletion

Up-to-date internal & and external compliance and policy adherence

Easy to use the system without losing your security

Plus your data will be kept secure even in the event of an accidental internal leakage

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